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Jul 5, 2009

Lentils with Ridge Gourd (Beerakaya Pappu/Dhal)

This is a very simple side dish which is very comforting and delicious. Coming to the health benefits, we all know all the lentils are good sources of protein. Lentils are also rich in calcium, vitamin B and iron. Ridge Gourd is a healthy vegetable too! It’s rich in minerals, fiber, Vitamin C and lot more. It has an excellent cooling effect of our body.


  • 1 cup Tuvar Dhal (Kandi Pappu)
  • 2 small Ridge Gourds
  • 1 Tomato
  • 2 or 3 Green Chilies
  • ½ tsp Turmeric Powder
  • A pinch of Asafetida (Hing/Inguva)
  • ½ tsp Mustard Seeds
  • ¼ tsp Cumin Seeds
  • 1 dry Red Chili, broken into 2 pieces (optional)
  • A handful of Cilantro Leaves (Kottimeera)
  • 1 tsp Oil
  • Salt


Wash and pressure cook toor daal until soft.

Peel and chop ridge gourd into small pieces. Chop tomato and green chilies into small pieces.

In a pan/bowl heat oil and add mustard seeds. When they splutter, add cumin seeds + red chili + asafetida and stir well.

Then add ridge gourd pieces along with tomato and green chilies and mix well. Pour some water just enough to boil the veggies. Add turmeric and mix well. Then cover the pan and let the veggies cook well and become soft.

Later add cooked daal and mix well. Leave it on the stove on low flame until bubbles form on top and daal comes to a boil.

Finally add cilantro leaves and salt. Mix well and switch off the flame.

Enjoy this yummy daal with hot rice and some ghee. This is a very comforting food!!


Anonymous said... [Reply]

The pappu is mouthwatering. Presentation and pictures are simply superb. Keep rocking.
_Nature Lover

Vibaas said... [Reply]

looks so yummy, uma. i have only had chutney with ridgegourd. will try this.

Pavithra Kodical said... [Reply]

I am always ready for any sambar :)looks delicious.

Cilantro said... [Reply]

I make kootu very similar but add ground coconut. Should try your recipe next time.

A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine said... [Reply]

Looks delicious. Never tried without adding coconut, yours seems so simple & easy will try out.

Srilakshmi said... [Reply]

I've been wanting to try Beerakaya Pappu for a while now! Yours looks delicious..

Sailaja said... [Reply]

i love pappu...

Doloncookbook said... [Reply]

Looks yummy ... Never add coconut in dal ... Will try next time ...

Preeti Singh said... [Reply]

looks healthy and super dall... very nice presentation.

Keerthana said... [Reply]

I make it the same way too. Nicely captured!

Priya said... [Reply]

Yummy!!!pappu looks superb uma!!

rekhas kitchen said... [Reply]

oooohhh same pinch uma nenu yivala beerakaya pappu chesanu very comfort food looks delicious

Parita said... [Reply]

I too make this in similar way, such a comfort food for me! looks delicious Uma:)

Priti said... [Reply]

Me too same way...looks yummy and the toy collection is so cute :)

Varunavi said... [Reply]

My fav combo of dal and beerakaya.

Gita said... [Reply]

Thats a cute photo Uma...I love beerakaya dhal with rasam :)

vidhas said... [Reply]

Lovley presentaion Uma. I like this beerakaya kootu.

srikars kitchen said... [Reply]

nice clicks.. i love this dhal..

Hari Chandana said... [Reply]

wow.. beerakaya pappu chala bagundi..ma amma kooda same ilage chesthundi.. lovely clicks!!

AnuSriram said... [Reply]

Wow.. thats a lovely click! Recipe sounds delicious!

Ann said... [Reply]

This sounds yummy and healthy

aparna said... [Reply]

Recipe looks delicious.

Pooja said... [Reply]

Delicious dal! So comforting with rice n ghee!

Sush said... [Reply]

we call it heerekayi thovve in kannada, dal looks mouth watering.

Priyameena said... [Reply]

nice gravy ...Love to have this with chappathi..

Sanghi said... [Reply]

wow, super kootu.. will taste great for rice/chappathi.. yummy uma!

LG said... [Reply]

we love to eat this chapathis..my mother used to make it :)

Cynthia said... [Reply]

Some pickle and rice and this would totally satisfy me.

Srivalli said... [Reply]

Our all time fav Uma..looks great!

Kitchen Flavours said... [Reply]

Oh wow...looks yum...this is my favourite dal......love that presentation.....

Usha said... [Reply]

The dhaal sounds delicious !

Kalai said... [Reply]

Nice and simple preparation! Looks yum! :)

ARUNA said... [Reply]

nice shots Uma.......awesome recipe!

Suma Rajesh said... [Reply]

hey uma...h r u?..nice to c u after long time dear..will cover up ur recipe soon...this looks awesome and will try soon..backgroud looks perfect ...

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