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Sep 24, 2008

Bread Rolls for MBP

I saw these bread rolls in Medhaa’s blog long back and bookmarked to try. Now I found a reason to make them today. Yeah, you guessed right! For “MBP: September – Say Cheese” event taking part at Siri’s corner, we have to cook something from other bloggers! So I made these delicious bread rolls for that cheesiest event.

I didn’t make any changes to the original recipe. For the filling I used Filling 1 (Mixed Vegetables) as suggested in the recipe. I just omitted cilantro (actually I forgot, he he). I tried the baking version at first, but couldn’t get the rolls perfect. So tried the deep-fried version again and voila! The bread rolls turned out perfect and delicious and irresistible. Thank you for the yummy recipe dear Medhaa! We all enjoyed the rolls so much, so will be making these often. Do visit Medhaa’s blog for many delicious and easy Sindhi recipes.

Updated to add the recipe on friends' request:
Here are the ingredients and procedure I followed to make these delicious Bread Rolls:

  • 4 loaves of Bread
  • 1/2 cup of mixed Vegetables for filling (I used the mixture of grated carrot, finely diced onions and green chillies and some red bell pepper pieces)
  • 1/4 cup of grated cheese (any kind) (I used 4 cheeses used for pizzas)
  • A handful of Cilantro
  • Oil to deep fry
  • Salt to taste
  1. Mix together all the ingredients except oil and bread and keep aside.
  2. Remove edges of the bread slices and keep aside.
  3. In a plate pour some water or milk, dip each bread slice and gently squeeze out the excess water or milk by pressing the slice with your both palms.
  4. Place some portion of the prepared mixed vegetable mixture in the center of each slice and bring the sides together to seal the edges completely and try to make an oval shape.
  5. Do the same with rest of the slices.
  6. Heat the oil in a deep-bottomed pan and add these prepared bread rolls one by one carefully.
  7. Fry the rolls until those turn golden brown in color. Then take the rolls out of the oil and spread on a paper towel to absorb excess oil.
  8. These rolls are at their best when eaten hot. Enjoy with ketchup or any chutney.

These delicious bread rolls are my contribution for two events:

  1. MBP: September – Say Cheese” event being hosted by dear Siri. MBP (Monthly Blog Patrol) is the brainchild of Coffee of The Spice Café.
  2. ½ cup of cheese was used in this recipe which is very rich in calcium and many other nutrients. So the rolls are entering dear Sangeeth’s “Eat Healthy – Calcium Rich” event too.


Cham said... [Reply]

Those are plumpy & pretty rolls Uma :) They should have been delicious 2 :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

They look so perfect.

Medhaa said... [Reply]

Uma, I am so glad you tried them and liked them too, I too dont like the baked ones much but its healtier so hubby prefers them.

Thank you so much for the kind words.

Sangeeth said... [Reply]

really yummy!uma and thanks for the entry

anudivya said... [Reply]

Those look nicely puffed up and golden. Never fail deep fried recipe!

Unknown said... [Reply]

Mouthwatering and the weather here is perfect for these savory snacks.Uma, lovely saucy mouth!

raaji said... [Reply]

they look plump and cute...want to try one:)

Sujatha said... [Reply]

Looks awesome, Uma! Sounds like a kid-friendly recipe too... Will definitely try this.. thanks for sharing :)

Vaishali said... [Reply]

What a lovely recipe, Uma, and your pictures are just gorgeous.

kamala said... [Reply]

The rolls look so crispy and pretty Uma

Lakshmi said... [Reply]

My hubby calls them bomb shell :) we also love this snack and those rolls on plate look perfect!

Unknown said... [Reply]

they look so delicious...

Unknown said... [Reply]

Perfect as an evening snack Uma..

Siri said... [Reply]

WOW! they look divine Uma..:) Thanks dear.


Mrs.Kannan said... [Reply]

Waw it looks yummy and perfect in shape

FewMinute Wonders said... [Reply]

Hey uma,

I am glad you reported that you tried baking them but did not like it and instead deep fried. I thought you baked them looking at the photos. Looks so perfect

Sunshinemom said... [Reply]

I know these are delicious - used to make them long back before I started watching my waistline and grew wise:(

jayasree said... [Reply]

Yummy rolls. Can deep fried ones fail any time? Lovely presentation.

Pavani said... [Reply]

uma,bread rolls looks delicious and pic perfect

Indian Khana said... [Reply]

Looks fab..and mouth watering..gud entry

Finla said... [Reply]

Wow i have never ever seen such delicious looking bread rolls. Yummy

Raks said... [Reply]

Those bite sized bread roll sure making my mouth water!!!

Unknown said... [Reply]

Those are tempting da....have bread at home..todays snack is these bread rolls

Daily Meals said... [Reply]

Wow! Yummy bread roles Uma!

ST said... [Reply]

Rolls look perfect and crispy Uma:)Pics are fantastic....

Usha said... [Reply]

This looks so crispy and yummy :)

Madhavi said... [Reply]

Perfect bread rolls, lovely entry. Look mouth-drooling!!!

Purva Desai said... [Reply]

Bread rolls looks just perfect and crispy...Nice entry for the event

mitr_bayarea said... [Reply]


awesome bread rolls, could you please post step by step recipe for this. Thanks.

Unknown said... [Reply]

wowwo, the cheesy bread rolls looks yummy. perfect with chai.

Sum Raj said... [Reply]

looks great uma..perfect..

Jaya M said... [Reply]

these looks so crisp and I am just craving to eat this now ..
hugs and smiles

Sia said... [Reply]

gosh, that sure makes my tummy growl in hunger. bad timing taht i had to visit ur blog during lunch time :(

Pallavi said... [Reply]

Can you send these over for breakfast please ? :) looks so yummy..

Uma, I hope you will participate in the Yummy Festival Feast - Diwali event that I have announced this week.. I am so excited at the prospects of having some interesting Deepavali recipes..


Thanks !

Unknown said... [Reply]

fantastac pic uma rolls looks so crisp mmm mouthwatering

Rachel said... [Reply]

Looks so very appetizing..I like your presentation

Shri said... [Reply]

wow recipe!! this is very nice and i bet it is tasty.lemme try and let you know

Swati said... [Reply]

Uma, the bread rolls look perfect.. these are served at my house very often and loved each time !!

Hetal said... [Reply]

Hi dear....nice to be back.Your blog is looking nice and these bread rolls seem so yummy!!

Shri said... [Reply]

Got something for u in my blog!!:)

Deepthi Shankar said... [Reply]

Bread rolls look very nice Uma ...

mitr_bayarea said... [Reply]


Thanks a ton for the recipe, you are the best!

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