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Oct 6, 2008

Coconut Pickle

This pickle is one of my favorite pickles. Whenever we get fresh coconuts during festive seasons, we make sure to have this pickle. This time hubby dear made this pickle, which was delicious.


  • ½ shell of a fresh Coconut, cut into small pieces
  • 2 tsp Coriander seeds
  • 3 or 4 dry red Chilies
  • ¼ tsp Asafetida (Inguva, Hing)
  • ½ tsp Tamarind pulp
  • A pinch of Turmeric
  • 3 green Chilies
  • Salt as required
  • 2 tsp Oil


Pour the oil in a pan. When it is hot add coriander seeds and fry till golden brown. Then add red and green chilies and stir well. Fry till the chilies lose color.

Finally add the coconut along with the turmeric and asafetida. The coconut pieces shouldn’t be
fried for a long time.

Transfer the contents to a different plate and let it cool. Then grind the coconut mixture into a coarse paste by adding salt. Add tamarind during halfway of the grinding process. Add little water if needed.

Enjoy this yummy pickle with hot rice and ghee.


Lakshmi said... [Reply]

This pickle is new to me Uma. Never heard of this before. It is now on to try list..

jayasree said... [Reply]

I make almost a similar kind of chammanthi podi. Adding green chilly is new to me.

Unknown said... [Reply]

looks nice... i dont add coriander seed.. in tamil, called coconut Thogayal.. nice click..

Priya Suresh said... [Reply]

Yummy..looks awesome..this pickle goes very well as side for curd rice..my fav dish..

lubnakarim06 said... [Reply]

I thought it to b cake. Wow nice presentation and yummy pickle.

kamala said... [Reply]

This is new to me Uma..Never heard abt this..I love all pickles..Sure I will try this..

Laavanya said... [Reply]

That mustbe just perfect with curd rice/lemon rice/coconut rice - so yummy.

anudivya said... [Reply]

Your husband made this pickle? Quite a feat! :)

Meera said... [Reply]

Never heard of coconut pickle. Looks great. Thanks for sharing.

Daily Meals said... [Reply]

Hi Uma! Yummy kobbari pachadi...

ST said... [Reply]

Kobbari pachadi nooru uristavundi Uma:) Presentation chaala chaala baagundi....

Unknown said... [Reply]

nice recipe..new to me..thanks for posting it..lovely picture..

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Looks so good, how long will this stay good? Does it need to be refrigerated to keep it longer? Thanks for a nice recipe. Will certainly try it some day .

Sangeeth said... [Reply]

we call it thenga thuvayal uma...luv it as u said...how it u make the star girl! its so cute..u have any impressions or wat?

Mahimaa's kitchen said... [Reply]

looks yummy..

Unknown said... [Reply]

kobbari pachadi star wow mmm realy it is a star ne nu ee pachadi cheste finish ayyevaraku ade tintanu nooru oorutundi he he heee

Unknown said... [Reply]

uma comp daily choosenu bagundi very help full for me

Cham said... [Reply]

Another delicious pachadi Uma! Credit goes to him :) Sure It should be heaven with hot rice and ghee!

Shreya said... [Reply]

hi, I love the pic, and this is my fav with hot rice and ghee, idlis, dosas, chapthis, etc.. my MIL makes this and sends it. My mother makes this without tamarind and uses pepper along with red chillies, and it is more dry powder.

mitr_bayarea said... [Reply]

Loved the star shaped coconut pickle filling, must taste delicious.

Madhavi said... [Reply]

Lovely presentation, and love this pickle. very nice recipe!!!

Pallavi said... [Reply]

Nice presentation Uma.. !! Glad to know about your nephew. Did he just start there ? I went there too..

Sujatha said... [Reply]

I'm drooling on your Pickle! Love the color and texture.. I'm sure it tastes divine with curd rice! hmm, yummy :)

Unknown said... [Reply]

Good presentation Uma..New recipe..

Usha said... [Reply]

Great presentation,nice and simple recipe will give it a try :)

Deepa Kuber said... [Reply]

wow.. never heard of it.. sounds very delicious.. i will def try it.

raaji said... [Reply]

hey thats a cute presentation....nice to see my moms special here.

Srivalli said... [Reply]

Uma..thats such a lovely way to use coconut..and nice that your hubby can make this!..will check out your nephew blog!

Mrs.Kannan said... [Reply]

Pickle using Coconut....never heard of it,by the method of yours i also do but i used to call it thuvayal.what's the shelf life of this one Uma?It's really mouthwatering

Cynthia said... [Reply]

This is new and I'm definitely going to try it.

Pavani said... [Reply]

uma,this is new to me.making pickle with coconut,it looks yummy and nice click...

Ramya's Mane Adige said... [Reply]

pickle with coconut??!?!? sounds very interesting!!!! Love that star shape :)

Silvia - Magnolia Wedding Planner said... [Reply]

Umaaaaa wow and double wowwww! this "star" is really fantastic! you are really great, really good job dear!
a kiss bigger than world

Jayashree said... [Reply]

I like the way you've presented it as a star. Iam sure it will be the star of many meals.

Purva Desai said... [Reply]

This looks really drooling, will try this Coconut pickle when i make idlis next time..
Thanks for sharing

Radhika said... [Reply]

Looks absolutely like star fish on a plate. This is so much like coconut thuvaiyal but will certainly try out your version the next time.

Rosie said... [Reply]

This pickle looks gorgeous Uma and I adore the star shape.

Rosie x

Vaishali said... [Reply]

Yummy, Uma, I've never had a coconut pickle before, and it looks gorgeous. I love that creative star shape.
To answer your question about Sweet Vegan, you can definitely use regular sugar. Honey, on the other hand, is not allowed since it is a direct animal product. Thanks for checking!

Sum Raj said... [Reply]

this is new to me...looks great with star pic...

Red Chillies said... [Reply]

I thought I had heard of all pickle varieties, but never coconut pickle. Very new recipe.

Pavani said... [Reply]

wish u happy vijayadasami

Bhawana said... [Reply]

This is very new to me Uma. Nice pickle. I will try this.

Sunshinemom said... [Reply]

We make thogayal like this, and it goes really well with rice, a little bit of oil and papadams:) Great taste!

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