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Mar 26, 2012

Atukulatho Sunnundalu (Sweet Beaten Rice/Poha Balls)

Atukulatho Sunnundalu (Sweet Beaten Rice/Poha Balls)

I saw this on a TV show long back and wrote down the recipe to try. This is slightly different to the regular Minapa Sunnundalu. In this we add more poha than urad dal. I thought this would make a perfect Telugu sweet recipe for Ugadi. So I tried it and they turned out so delicious and everyone loved them.

I previously tried the traditional sunnundalu before and posted the recipes also. Here are those dishes:

Minapa Sunnundalu (Urad Dal Laddus)
Pesara Sunnundalu (Moong Dal Laddus)
Pachi Senagapappu Sunnundalu (Chana Dal Laddus)

Ingredients: (Makes 14 small Laddus)
  • 2 cups Beaten Rice (అటుకులు, Poha)
  • ½ cup Black Gram (మినప్పప్పు, Urad Dal)
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • ½ cup Ghee (నెయ్యి, Clarified Butter)
  • Some Cardamom Seeds
  • Dry roast poha and urad dal separately until they turn golden brown in color (just like in the picture below). Keep aside to cool down.
  • Then grind them together into a fine powder. Also powder the sugar finely.
  • Mix all the powdered items together. Keep aside.
  • Heat ghee in a pan and add cardamom seeds and fry for a second.
  • Pour this hot ghee on top of the poha mixture and mix well with a spatula or hand. I am sure you can handle it, but just be careful.
Atukulatho Sunnundalu (Sweet Beaten Rice/Poha Balls)
  • Mix it thoroughly until the ghee mixes well with the entire mixture.
  • Don’t let the mixture stand for a long time as it tends to dry soon. Take small portions of the mixture and shape into balls.
  • Arrange them on a plate to dry for some time and enjoy the tastiness of these aromatic laddus. Yummy!!


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