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Nov 1, 2009

Tomato Rava Dosa

Tomato Rava Dosa

Hope all of you enjoyed the Halloween. My kids collected a year supply of candies and treats. Halloween is the most enjoyable event for all the kids, isn’t it? We had a small gathering for Halloween. It was fun!!

Now coming to today’s recipe, this is a nice variation to the regular rava dosa. It was delicious and colorful. 

  • 1 cup Rice Flour
  • 1 cup Semolina (Upma Rava)
  • 3 or 4 Tomatoes, medium sized
  • A small piece of Ginger
  • A few Cilantro leaves, chopped fine
  • Some sour Buttermilk or Water to make batter
  • Salt
  • Oil
  1. Chop tomatoes into big pieces and grind into a paste along with ginger. Keep aside.
  2. Combine rice flour + semolina to make a thin batter by adding buttermilk or water. 
  3. Add salt as required. Add tomato paste + cilantro to the batter and mix well.
  4. Heat a non-stick pan and pour a ladleful of batter first around the edges of the pan in a circle. Quickly fill in the circle to make it into a big circle. 
  5. Pour some oil around the dosa and let the dosa cook for a while. Then flip it over and pour some more oil (optional). 
  6. When it is cooked on both sides, remove from the pan and transfer to a serving plate.
  7. Repeat the same process with remaining batter. 
  8. Enjoy these delicious and colorful dosas with your favorite chutney.

Tomato Rava Dosa


chef and her kitchen said... [Reply]

lovely color of rava dosa..yummy

Unknown said... [Reply]

would make a lovely and a yummy breakfast...

vidhas said... [Reply]

Tomato rava dosa looks perfect and yum!! You have given me a idea for a nice evening snack.

Suparna said... [Reply]

tasty looking dosas uma :) good combination of ingredients, I use green chillies and curry leaves in the batter too :)
Happy weekend

Finla said... [Reply]

Hi hi a year supply of sweets, any kids dream :-)
Love the dosa.

Pari Vasisht said... [Reply]

Wow! The color looks so catchy and inviting dear.Another quickie from your kitchen.

Sarah Naveen said... [Reply]

Dosa looks simply yummy!!!

Tina said... [Reply]

Cute and nice dosa....

Anupama said... [Reply]

Great looking dosas there... I love the pink tinge of those dosas :-)

Nandinis food said... [Reply]

Mmmmm......Tomato dosa! Looks lovely and delicious!

Shri said... [Reply]

I can never get this right..It looks real tempting!

Poornima Nair said... [Reply]

Adding tomatoes is a wonderful variation....looks delicious.

Padma said... [Reply]

Dosa looks colorful and very tempting Uma.

Ann said... [Reply]

It turned out perfect for you.. looks soo good and tempting

Unknown said... [Reply]

Sounds yummy:)

Cham said... [Reply]

Ha ha, less than hour my son filled his pumpkin basket! Thank god it was not only candy! Got pencil, eraser even tooth brush :)
That is a lovely tangy tomato dosa!

Priya Suresh said... [Reply]

Delicious and tangy rava dosa, looks yum!

Cialntro said... [Reply]

My daughter has a big bag of chocolates which she is all set to finish in about 15 days.I have decided to give one a day which will last for a year. More than the costume, I think it is the chocolates/ candies which makes Halloween the most enjoyable one for kids.
Dosa looks great.

Unknown said... [Reply]

Lovely dosa, yes my kids also have lot of candies. I asked to pick few and put the rest in a container to be donated.

Homecooked said... [Reply]

I love the colour of these dosas Uma :) I've never tried tomato rava dosa's. Pretty innovative!

Savi-Ruchi said... [Reply]

adding tomato to rava dosa is a great idea Uma

Sreelekha Sumesh said... [Reply]

a different type of dosa..looks lovely..

Raks said... [Reply]

Nice idea and i will sure love this one,am going to try for sure !

Srikitchen said... [Reply]

wow! looks delicious!

notyet100 said... [Reply]

dosa looks yum,..;-)

Unknown said... [Reply]

Hummmm.... tomato ravadosa sounds interesting one more creation from you great.....

Namitha said... [Reply]

Colorful dosa...yummy..:-)

kitchen queen said... [Reply]

very delicious tomato rava dosa it looks very tempting and nice picture.

Dori said... [Reply]

That really looks nice, and delicious!

Suganya said... [Reply]

Sounds to be different combo of flavors in dosa. Looks so good. Love to try it. YUM!

ST said... [Reply]

Looks very delicious and super dear:)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Wow, so many varieties of dosas in your blog.Excellent work!

my kitchen said... [Reply]

My mom will prepare Tomato Dosa, Adding rava sounds good, Delicious dosa

Supriya said... [Reply]

Hi we had ur tomato rava dosa for b'fast Saturday - it was awesome, a keeper. I will be making this over & over. Thankx.

Uma said... [Reply]

Thanks Supriya! Glad you liked it :)

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