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Apr 1, 2009

Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Cookies
Great tasting Cookies

I made these for the monthly challenge of “Sweet and Simple Bakes” event hosted by Maria and Rosie. This is the first time I am participating in this challenge as I was so much attracted by the simplicity of the baking recipes they provide and also to improve my baking skills. Thanks for hosting such a nice event Maria and Rosie! The cookies have come out well and were delicious. 

Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • ½ cup Butter, softened
  • ½ cup Sugar
  • ½ cup soft Brown Sugar
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 tbsp Water
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 2 cups Rolled Oats
  • 1 ½ cups All Purpose Flour
  • 1 level tsp Salt
  • ½ cup Chocolate Chips
  • Some Raisins or Chopped Nuts (I just added a handful) (But I felt I added too much, so next time I will reduce these or not add at all when using chocolate chips).
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 F. Cream the butter in a large bowl or in an electric food mixer until soft.
  2. Add the sugars and beat until the mixture is light and fluffy. Add the egg, water and vanilla extract while still beating.
  3. Reduce the speed and gently mix in the oats, flour, salt and raisins to form dough. 
  4. Using your hands, roll the dough into walnut sized balls (I flattened them a little bit) and place slightly apart on two baking trays.
  5. Bake in the oven for 12-25 minutes or until light golden brown, but still slightly soft in the center.
  6.  Allow to cool on the trays for a minute before transferring to a wire rack to cool.
  7. These tasted delicious. 
  8. Thanks for the easy recipe Maria and Rosie. Hope you like them! :)

Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip Cookies


Deepa Hari said... [Reply]

Cookies look lovely Uma...Perfect entry for the event.

FH said... [Reply]

Love the huge Chocolate chips on top. good looking cookies.I posted one Oatmeal chewy cookie too! :)

Chutneytales said... [Reply]

Cookies look soo lovely..I love cookies with choco chips..Its yummy

Cilantro said... [Reply]

Great cookies...my daughter is asking for them.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Cookies are mouth watering. Thanks for sharing.
-Nature Lover

Maria♥ said... [Reply]

Hi Uma

Welcome to Sweet and Simple Bakes and so glad you found us!

Your cookies turned out great and very yummy!

Thanks for taking part and hope you will be joining us in our next bake.


Priya Sriram said... [Reply]

I really love those cookies Uma, that too with chocolate chips... ohhh wanna have a bite! :D :D

Lovely clicks dear! :)

Indhu said... [Reply]

the cookies look absolutely yummy :) ... very very tempting!

Poornima Nair said... [Reply]

The cookies look awesome Uma...turned out great.

Lavanya said... [Reply]

cookies looks lovely uma..tempting too :)

Pooja said... [Reply]

Delicious cookies uma..

Anonymous said... [Reply]

You cookies came out very well too...

Simones Kitchen said... [Reply]

Your cookies have come out wonderful! They look nice and chunkie!

Cham said... [Reply]

I like the raisin, they are gorgeous Uma!

Priya Suresh said... [Reply]

Cookies looks scrumptious uma..they turned out prefect!!

Unknown said... [Reply]

they look perefct..i missed the challenge this time..

Vibaas said... [Reply]

delicious! nice pictures :)

Ashwini said... [Reply]

Today seeing lots of oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies..Looks delicious..

Gita Jaishankar said... [Reply]

The cookies so scrumptious Uma, kids would love these delicious cookies :)

Unknown said... [Reply]

Cookies look small and cute!

Lavanya Raj said... [Reply]

Uma..Superb Cookie's...

vidhas said... [Reply]

Cookies looks perfect. Want some!!:-)

Edith said... [Reply]

I am impressed with your blog. Beautiful.

Mahimaa's kitchen said... [Reply]

yummy cookies.. look too good.

Raks said... [Reply]

That looks great and sounds filling Uma! NIce pictures:)

jayasree said... [Reply]

Cookies look perfect. loved the choco chips on tip. Good pictures.

kd said... [Reply]

Hi, thanks for dropping by my page!
your cookies look lovely. and so cutely decorated too :)

miss mallory opel said... [Reply]

I too liked the simplicity of this recipe, I'm a huge fan of cookies (particularly ones with chocolate and oatmeal) so I was happy to see this challenge pop up this month.

Nice post!

a sofa in the kitchen

Shama Nagarajan said... [Reply]

cookies are inviting me to have a bite

Unknown said... [Reply]

those oatmeal cookies looks delicious and perfect.congrats on your challenge.

Unknown said... [Reply]

Tempting cookies....looks soo guuuuud that I want a bite of it :)

♥Rosie♥ said... [Reply]

Hi Uma, a very warm welcome to Sweet & Simple Bakes, SO glad to have you baking with us!

Your cookies look beautiful and such a great presentation – well done!

Thanks for partaking this month and I do hope you will join us in our next bake.

Rosie x

Finla said... [Reply]

Love cookies like these and yiours look yumm.

Homecooked said... [Reply]

The cookies look delicious Uma! Love the choc-chips.

Deepthi Shankar said... [Reply]

gorgeous cookies out there Uma , I love love love choco-chips

Laavanya said... [Reply]

I have an oatmeal chocchip cookie on my blog too. I love how your cookies look with that chunk of chocolate embedded in them.

aparna said... [Reply]

Looks so yummy and delicious. I want to just grab one from the picture.

Pavithra Kodical said... [Reply]

Yummy cookies..Kids will surely enjoy these..

raaji said... [Reply]

Love those cute little cookies with lots of chips in them.....Even i m make sure it has all the chips covering them

AnuSriram said... [Reply]

Lovely cookies uma! Nice clicks!

Archy said... [Reply]

cookies looks so gud.. nice pic Uma !!

Illona said... [Reply]

Cookies look good, Uma. See you at the next bake challenge!

workhard said... [Reply]

Yummmmmmmy!!!!!! im hungry now...
i wanna munch

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Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said... [Reply]

Your cookies look yummy!

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