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Jan 18, 2008

Chutney with Fried Garbanzo Beans (Uppu Senagalu)

Today I tried chutney with the uppu senagalu to go with the dosas. These are nothing but the fried Garbanzo Beans (Kala Chana), that are available in any Indian store. You can eat them just like that. They taste mostly like the putnala pappu (fried chana dal). These beans have skin on them. Before making them into chutney remove the skin, which is very easy to take off.

Fried Garbanzo Beans with skin

Fried Garbanzo Beans with skin removed

We need:

1 cup Fried Garbanzo beans
2 or 3 Green Chillies
A piece of Ginger
2 tsp desiccated Coconut
½ tsp Tamarind paste
½ tsp Cumin Seeds
Salt to taste
For Seasoning:
Mustard Seeds
Cumin Seeds
Bengal and Black gram dals (Chana and Urad dal)
Curry Leaves
A pinch of Asafetida


Take off the skin on the Fried Garbanzo Beans. Add the ginger piece, green chillies, tamarind paste, desiccated coconut, cumin seeds and salt to these beans. Grind all of them together into a fine paste by adding little water. Then prepare the thalimpu to garnish the chutney. In the pan, heat little oil and add mustard seeds. When they splutter, add the cumin seeds, the two dals (chana and urad) fry until they become brownish and finally add the curry leaves and the asafetida. Garnish the chutney with this seasoning. It goes well with the dosas.

Dosas with Fried Garbanzo Beans Chutney and Kobbari Podi


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Yummy! It tastes great. Althought what i made doesnt look as good as yours, it tastes simply fantabulous. Please keep posting more delicious recipes. Thank you!

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