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Nov 7, 2011

Cluster Beans with Moong Dal

This is another simple recipe with very little ingredients. 

  • 2 cups diced Cluster Beans (గోరు చిక్కుడు కాయలు )
  • ½ cup Moong Dal (can be reduced to ¼ cup) (పెసర పప్పు)
  • ½ tsp Red Chili Powder (can be adjusted according to taste)
  • A pinch of Turmeric Powder
  • Few Curry Leaves
  • 1 tsp Oil
  • 1 tsp Mustard Seeds
  • ½ tsp Cumin Seeds
  • Salt

Wash and soak moong dal for an hour. 

Place cluster beans in a microwave safe bowl, add a little water, cover and microwave for 10 minutes. 

Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds. When they pop, add cumin seeds + curry leaves and sauté well.

Then add the cluster beans + turmeric powder + moong dal and mix well. Add little amount of water so that moong dal cooks well. Also add salt and mix well.

Cover and leave the pan for some time until all the water gets absorbed and the curry becomes dry. 

Check for doneness and turn the flame off. Transfer the curry to a serving bowl and enjoy with steaming hot rice and rasam. Yummy!!


Julie said... [Reply]

Delicious and healthy greens !!Great combo..

Poornima Nair said... [Reply]

Great dish...looks delicious!

Rachana said... [Reply]

Healthy and delicious dish.

Suja Manoj said... [Reply]

Healthy combo,great dish..will surely try this.

ruchikacooks said... [Reply]

It reminds me of paruppusi uma, with more kozhambu this must be awesome!

Raks said... [Reply]

This is such a new way to cook cluster bean,, I too make a similar one.sounds very nice

Urmi said... [Reply]

Very simple, yummy and healthy dish. Lovely presentation.

Hamaree Rasoi said... [Reply]

Very healthy and delicious combination dish.

Hamaree Rasoi

Shri said... [Reply]

Very yummy recipe, Uma!! Love this type of beans!

Tina said... [Reply]

Never tried this before..Yummy.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

awesome curry. I make it similarly with avarakkai.
indu srinivasan

Chitra said... [Reply]

very nice. new to me.

Pavani said... [Reply]

healthy n my favt fry..

Indian Khana said... [Reply]

Nice combo n recipe ...looks gud

Laavanya said... [Reply]

My mom always made paruppu usli with these beans.. i don't see them very often here. It looks very healthy and yummy.

Sumee said... [Reply]

Never had this dal combination with cluster beans. Diff combination.

Priya Suresh said... [Reply]

Looks wonderful and am loving it..

divya said... [Reply]

yummy and delicious..

Unknown said... [Reply]

My favorite beans. But with moong dal it is new to me. Like this one too.

Vaishali said... [Reply]

So healthy and delicious. This looks amazing, Uma. Thanks for the recipe.

Kavi said... [Reply]

love the pic! If you have the time, please go through my Healthy Lunch Event rules & link the post there. Thanks!
Kavi | Edible Entertainment
Ongoing event: Healthy Lunch Challenge

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