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Nov 6, 2008

Gulab Jamuns with Assorted Cookies

Yes, I made Gulab Jamuns with assorted cookies. My kids buy many kinds of cookies, but never finish those. So we always end up with lot of leftover cookies. Sometimes I throw away the leftover cookies, but sometimes I recycle those by making bajjis. This time I thought different, so made gulab jamuns with these cookies. Trust me, the gulab jamuns turned out perfect and tasted great too! Give it a try and you’ll agree with me!

Ingredients: (Makes 32 Jamuns)

For Jamuns:

  • All Purpose Flour (Maida) – 1 cup
  • Powdered Assorted Cookies (Except Salt Crackers) – 1 cup
  • Baking Powder – ¼ tsp
  • A pinch of Baking Soda
  • Ghee – ½ tsp
  • Some milk as needed to mix
  • Oil to deep fry
For Syrup:
  • Sugar – 3 cups
  • Water – 2 cups
  • Cardamom Seeds – ¼ tsp


Mix all the ingredients under “For Jamuns” except oil using some milk (use as needed). Make it like chapathi dough. Take small portions of the dough and shape into a ball. These measurements make 32 small balls.

Heat oil in a deep-bottomed pan and drop these balls carefully in batches. Fry till the balls turn golden brown in color. Remove from oil and place on a paper towel.

Meanwhile, pour sugar and water (for syrup) in a different bowl and heat on medium flame until the sugar mixture boils. Add some cardamom seeds for nice aroma. Leave the syrup until the sugar dissolves well and switch off the flame. Keep aside.

Then drop the fried jamuns into the sugar syrup and leave it for some time until the jamuns absorb the sugar syrup. The jamuns can be placed in a refrigerator if you wish to eat them cold.

Enjoy the delicious Gulab Jamuns whenever you want!

Sending these yummy jamuns to Mythreyee’s “Sweet series - Milk sweets with spongy textureevent.

On a Different Note:

Thank you, Rajeswari Vijayanand and Vij for passing me the “Chocoholic Award”.

Thank you, Indranee and Hemabalaji for passing me the “Butterfly Award”.

Thank you for thinking about me friends!


Finla said... [Reply]

This is really clever making jammoons with cookies. And it looks so yumm; love the pic too

lubnakarim06 said... [Reply]

I thought it to be real jamums. After reading the post and heading only i came to know that u used cookies. Nice (yummy) use of cookies. Rocking recipe dear. I love the way u presented it. My heart is out for u for this recipe like that flamingo.

jayasree said... [Reply]

Ver creative of you to come up with jamuns out of cookies. Nice presentation.

SMN said... [Reply]

Hey Uma very creative idea of adding cookies to it.. looks yum.

Laavanya said... [Reply]

That's amazing Uma.. I would've never thought of turning something like cookies into gulab jamun.

Priya Suresh said... [Reply]

Uma, ur creativity doesnt have limits...wat a way of creating new dishes...gulab jamun looks delicious n lovely presentation..

Lakshmi said... [Reply]

you are very innovative Uma and they look delicious too....

Ramya Vijaykumar said... [Reply]

Wow thats an inspiring recipe Uma... I cant imagine they were made with cookies you should be having a magic wand rather than a spatula...

Sangeeth said... [Reply]

really....how do u come up with these ideas?great yaar...kudos to u :)yum!

Purva Desai said... [Reply]

Gulab Jamuns with assorted cookies this sounds really innovative and yummmy idea.....
And they look perfect like normal Gulab Jamuns....will try your method...next time...when I make Gulan Jamuns

Cham said... [Reply]

Wow, such a recycling mom you are Uma :) He he those gulab jamun re just pretty!

ST said... [Reply]

Very creative and unique idea of making jammuns with cookies. Gr8 and suppppppper duuuuuuuper recipe uma:)Hats off to u for ur ideas...Jammuns look perfect and mouthwatering...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Creative way of making use of cookies. Any ideas of using candies??? I have lot of them from halloween.

anudivya said... [Reply]

There is something satisfying about creating your own recipes right? YOu have done a great job, and very very creative. Hats off!

Mahimaa's kitchen said... [Reply]

gulab jamuns looks yum yum Uma.. i can feel the softness. love those flamingos.. where did u buy them from?

FewMinute Wonders said... [Reply]

Hi uma,

Happy Diwali! I know I have not been posting a lot been caught up with the elections. I tried Gulab Jamuns for Diwali 2 methods and I was so disappointed with it. Never knew it would be so tricky to make this sweet. I decided to appreciate anyone who makes this sweet after that. good job.

Unknown said... [Reply]

Hey Uma,
These jamuns look too good! I was wondering reading the title cookies and gulab jamun.thought u had two recipes here..but jamuns with cookis sounds awesome..BTW, your other blog is very useful!

kamala said... [Reply]

So innovative Uma..i think u know abt my fancy for sweets..Tempting

Rosie said... [Reply]

That's amazing Uma and I adore your pink flamingos in the top photo!

Rosie x

Vanamala Hebbar said... [Reply]

wonderful idea uma...really looks beautiful

Mandira said... [Reply]

cookies into jamuns... wow!

Usha said... [Reply]

Wonderful and creative idea...looks yummy :-)

karuna said... [Reply]

wowowo, recycling cookies. tht is great idea and produces a new dish all together. this is really awesome. thanks for sharing it with all.

Kalai said... [Reply]

Great idea to use up the leftover cookies, Uma! They look delicious! :)

Sujatha said... [Reply]

ooh, very creative Uma! Love the cool idea.. Picture looks perfect..

Vijitha said... [Reply]

Very innovative idea! jamun looks gr8.

CurryLeaf said... [Reply]

I was wondering what the title meant.Nice way to use leftover cookies.The jamuns look perfect.

Unknown said... [Reply]

nice try uma looks very intresting

Pavani said... [Reply]

it looks yummy..my daughter loves it more ...and two ducks look so cute

Pavani said... [Reply]

I would like to inspire you check in my blog

Unknown said... [Reply]

gosh..., they look round and delicious!I love gulab jamun and you have made me feel like having them asap:)

Bhawana said... [Reply]

Uma great idea of using such cookies. Instead of throwing them make gulab jamun a innovative idea. nice post dear

Unknown said... [Reply]

interesting...have to try these sometime..

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said... [Reply]

hi uma
well made and well presented.

Sagari said... [Reply]

how did u get that idea ,uma ,very nice

Malar Gandhi said... [Reply]

Sounds so unique and creative...first time here, love ur recipes...

Madhavi said... [Reply]

Hi gal, how r u doin' ???

Gulabjamun looks mouth-drooling, greatttttt recipe and thanks for sharing. Congratulations on ur award :))

AnuSriram said... [Reply]

Wow... what a gr8 idea... I too usually waste lot of leftover cookies... will try this for sure...

Suganya said... [Reply]

Hi Uma....
This is a very creative recipe. Looks so good. Never imagined gulab jamuns with cookies. Nice try.... YUM!

lubnakarim06 said... [Reply]

A small suprise waiting for you dear.Click on the link to follow Award Time

Deepthi Shankar said... [Reply]

looks very nice .. thatz a very innovative idea uma

vidhas said... [Reply]

hi uma, i would like to inspire you, chck pout my blog.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

indeed very creative recipe!

i have an award for u here


Pavani said... [Reply]

u have friendship award on my blog collect it

TBC said... [Reply]

Love gulab jamun. That is very clever of you, Uma. I would never have thought of something like using cookies to make GJs.:)

Dori said... [Reply]

That is an awesome idea! Really original, and they look great!

Vibaas said... [Reply]

have something for you in my blog, uma

Bharathy said... [Reply]

Wow! that's something truly creative!
Congrats ob your award too! :)
Seems I have lots to catch up with your posts :)

Archy said... [Reply]

Innovative to make jamun with cookies.. Lovely Uma !! Looks so yummy !!

Raks said... [Reply]

Very creative....:) Sounds something great!

Unknown said... [Reply]

What an awesome idea :) Thanks for sharing:)

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