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May 27, 2008

Mini Millet Patties

Mini Millet Patties
Open sesame Contest of International Food League is a context started by DK and Siri. When they announced about this contest I jumped up and cracked open a box that had the following riddle.

I am old and ancient and in many places a staple
health and longevity are wonders I wear like a lapel

My different forms give different taste
one form is enjoyed in the mornings - eaten in haste!
Another form is in form of soups and porridge
Or in forms of plain or stuffed breads

I thrive in the hot summers..But make you feel good and warm
I am good to people although many just use me for feeding birds and cattle in farms
I am just no mean and lowly grass with striking resemblance to maize
I have 'pearls' of wisdom to share if you want, to listen to me with grace

People with celiac turn to me
I give you fibre and irons, so rich i am for the world to see
Now sit tight and give it a hard thought - be clever be sane
to guess who I am,

the highly nutritious and healthful whole grain.

There was a note too: This cud be a vegetable, a spice , a fruit or a grain.

At first I said, Oats – Siri said, Wrong
Then I said, Whole Wheat – Siri said, Wrong
Finally I said, Millet – Siri said, Correct. Hooray!

I came up with this recipe just through my imagination. I googled for millet recipes, but couldn’t get a recipe that suits our tastes. So tried my hand at making this dish, it turned out so good and I’ll me making this often.

Mini Millet Patties

  • 1 cup Millet Flour (Bajra Flour)
  • 3 tbsp Butter
  • ½ tsp Red Chili Powder (or 2 green chilies)
  • 1 small Onion
  • 1 tsp Cumin Seeds
  • Oil to deep fry
  • Salt and Water as required

  1. Finely chop the onion (and green chilies, if using! I used red chili powder) and keep aside.
  2. Place the butter in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 30 seconds or until it melts.
  3. In a bowl mix together millet flour + melted butter + onion pieces + red chili powder + cumin seeds + salt with a small amount of water. It should be in the consistency of chapathi dough.
  4. Knead it well and make into small balls and flatten each ball into the shape of a patty. Keep aside.
  5. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a deep-bottomed pan. When the oil becomes hot, carefully drop the patties prepared above.
  6. Fry well until the patties turn golden brown and remove from the oil. Repeat the same process with remaining patties. 
  7. Spread these patties on a paper towel to remove excess oil. These can be eaten hot or cold. Anyway, it’s obvious most of the things taste great when they are hot, what do you say?

These millet patties are making their way into the International Food League at the Dining Hall.

As these are appetizers, I am sending these to dear Mansi Desai of Fun and Food, who is hosting this month’s “Monthly Mingle - Appetizers & Hors'Doeuvres” event. This event is originally started by Meeta of What's For Lunch Honey?


notyet100 said... [Reply]

this looks crispy...crunchy...munchy..feel like eatin now with tea as its rainin here..

Indranee Batabyal said... [Reply]

I'm a first time visitor at your blog. Very colorful and delicious recipes!

Srivalli said... [Reply]

uma..very nice!...looks crispy and yummy!

jayasree said... [Reply]

Ur creativity has not failed you. Looks crispy and it must hv tasted yummy too.

Swati Raman Garg said... [Reply]

this looks so so so good.. and i love d first pic... :) and iam crying out loud how did i miss d open sesame event:(

Finla said... [Reply]

Patties looks so delicious

FH said... [Reply]

Gorgeous looking Patties, yummy too. Good one Uma!:)

Suganya said... [Reply]

Patties looks so good. Gorgeous recipe. Nice pictures. YUM!.. Nice entry for this month's MM...

bha said... [Reply]

the patties look all crunchy and yummy....what do u think wud lead to if they are baked

Sum Raj said... [Reply]

fantastic and yummy patties....

Sangeeth said... [Reply]

yummy looking patties uma.....i do agree that DK and siri are rocking !

Mansi said... [Reply]

nice and healthy take on patties Uma! I've never tried anything but parathas with millet flour:) thanks for sending it to MM:)

Laavanya said... [Reply]

What a fun riddle that is... and making patties with them - cool.

Cham said... [Reply]

Oh Uma, that looks a great healthy snack! I got the same riddle too :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Millet patti is something new to me. Looks crispy and yummy....

ranji said... [Reply]

lovely crispy patties uma...healthy too..new to me..never used millet flour b4...have to try it out now:)

SASHREE said... [Reply]

Patties chala bavunnayi uma,sure try chesta.chala spl ga vuntundi evarina telugu lo comment pampitae....thanks alot for ur telugu comments.

Madhavi said... [Reply]

Patties looks awesome, love millet flour taste, great entry Uma!!!

Bong Mom said... [Reply]

Have never tasted millet, these look super

Kalai said... [Reply]

Creative and delicious use of millet, Uma! :)

Sagari said... [Reply]

this is a very new recipee uma,those patties look so cute

Unknown said... [Reply]

Taking part in this Open Sesame event was fun isnt'it..The patties look too innovative Uma..perfect appetizer too

Unknown said... [Reply]

lovely and innovative...nice one uma

Siri said... [Reply]

Thanks Uma.. for ur sweet compliments about us..and I am so glad u like the Open Sesame concept!.. do I have to say the patties look yummy and anta kanna important. they are so healthy..:) will blog about who all participants of first edition of Open Sesame soon!..:D


Lakshmi said... [Reply]

this dish is new to me. they look good. Will try them next time I buy millet flour.

KonkaniBlogger said... [Reply]

Oh, thts a nice dish with Millet. Patties look very yummy Uma..

Meera said... [Reply]

Very creative. Looks so crunchy & yum

Sailaja said... [Reply]

looks so yummy. will definately try.


Beyond Curries said... [Reply]

Congratulations on winning the contest Uma. But you have to share the prize with me, Ok?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I would like to exchange links with your site www.blogger.com
Is this possible?

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