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Mar 30, 2008

Sweet Pear Fritters

I never tried any recipe with pears before as we usually eat them whole as a fruit. Finally I found a recipe here that suits our taste. I made some changes to the original recipe though.
Ingredients I used:
  • 2 Pears of any kind (I used Chinese Pears)
  • 1 cup All Purpose Flour
  • 1 tsp ground Cinnamon
  • 1 cup Milk
  • 2 tsp Sugar
  • 1 Egg
  • Oil to deep-fry


In a bowl, whisk together milk, egg, sugar and cinnamon. Add the flour to this and mix well into a smooth batter. Set aside.

Peel the skin of pears and core out the seeds. Then slice into rings, thickness doesn’t matter.

Heat the oil in a deep skillet. Then dip the pear rings in the batter prepared above just to coat and drop them carefully into the hot oil. Fry till they become golden brown in color. Then remove them and spread on a paper towel to remove excess oil.
Serve them hot or cold. These sweet Pear Fritters tasted so delicious. These can be topped with Vanilla Ice Cream or drizzled with Maple Syrup, if desired.
The original recipe can be found here.

These delicious Sweet Pear Fritters goes to Raaga of The Singing Chef, who has been hosting a wonderful event, “AFAM March – Pears”, as a continuation of “A Fruit A Month”, an event started by Maheswari of Beyond the Usual.


Laavanya said... [Reply]

I think I've seen apple fritters.. but I see now that pears work just as well... unique entry Uma.

Cham said... [Reply]

Guess u like Fritters, i would say another way to sneak fruit for ur kids. Very innovative idea Uma!

Sagari said... [Reply]

wowwww fritters with fruit ,great recipe uma

kamala said... [Reply]

great recipe uma.never heard abt pears fritters.Thanks for the post

Meera said... [Reply]

Wow, never heard of them before. Wonderful entry. I couldn't think of anything that can be made of pear. i am sure as soon as the deadline ends, i will think of something!!:-)
I loved your idea. Good job.

sandhya said... [Reply]

this is new to me... nice entry...

Unknown said... [Reply]

Thats anice entry and new to me:)

Srivalli said... [Reply]

what an idea..looks great...

Unknown said... [Reply]

Uma guess it tasted great..Nice entry

sra said... [Reply]

Ah, so you found something to make finally!

KayKat said... [Reply]

They sound like pear donuts :)

Raks said... [Reply]

Nice entry!

Unknown said... [Reply]

lovely entry uma..something very different..thanks for sharing..

indosungod said... [Reply]

that is indeed a creative one. with some powdered sugar on top Yum!

Medhaa said... [Reply]

Never knew you could do this, lovely way to have fruits, shall try this.

Thank you for the recipe

Anonymous said... [Reply]

That is very innovative dish uma.

Siri said... [Reply]

Pear Fritters .. wow thats very smart of u Uma.. nice entry!


Dhivya said... [Reply]

u r so creative uma:))looks so yummm

Richa said... [Reply]

the cored pear roundels look so cute!
good one!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Wow...really innovative use of pears!!! Looks delicious! Great entry.

Rosie said... [Reply]

Mouth watering Uma. I really am taken with your delish pear fritters and what a great entry for this event!

Rosie x

Suganya said... [Reply]

This is so YUM!....Nice and different idea...Good looking one..

Anonymous said... [Reply]

wow, that really looks great. good job - janret

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