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Mar 4, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Potato

I know that potato is the most favorite vegetable for many people, including me! This simple and easy potato curry is a hit in our family.

I am sending this to Sia of Monsoon Spice as my entry to the “Ode to Potato” event, being hosted by her.

  • 4 small red Potatoes
  • 1 small Onion
  • 1 tsp Coriander-Cumin Powder
  • ½ tsp Red Chili Powder (or according to individual taste)
  • ½ tsp Turmeric Powder
  • Salt as required

For Seasoning:

  • ½ tsp Mustard Seeds
  • ¼ tsp Cumin Seeds
  • Some Curry leaves
  • ½ tsp Black Gram
  • ½ tsp Bengal Gram
  • 1 tbsp Oil


Peel the potatoes and cut into very fine pieces along with the onion as in the picture.

In a non-stick pan, heat the oil and add the mustard seeds. When the began to splutter, add the cumin, Bengal and Black grams and fry until the dals turn golden brown. Then add the curry leaves and fry for a while.

Later add the chopped potato and onion pieces and fry well.

Then add the turmeric powder, salt and mix well. Cover the pan with a lid and set the flame to medium. Let it cook for some time. Later remove the lid and mix the curry and check if it is done. If it is not cooked, leave the curry for some more time on the flame, but don’t cover.

If you want the curry to be soft, then remove the pan after you feel like the curry was done. If you want crunchier curry, leave it on the flame for some more time.

Serve this yummy Potato curry with hot rice and ghee (optional). Goes well with chapathis too.


Kalai said... [Reply]

Such a cute name, Uma!! I make a similar version of this dish. Looks great! :)

Cham said... [Reply]

Looks so delicous :) My son loves potato , i am going to make 4 him today.

Namratha said... [Reply]

Itsy bitsy and very yummy looking! :)

Finla said... [Reply]

Looks delicious. I love dry potatoe dish like this.

sandhya said... [Reply]

love this dish.. i too make a similar dish.... nice name..

Dhivya said... [Reply]

Mouth watering dish uma..i too make the same way

Sig said... [Reply]

That looks great Uma, very crispy... I can have this as a snack with coffee :)

Rina said... [Reply]

Always love this simple preparation of Aloo..Will try soon.

Laavanya said... [Reply]

I had a friend who brought this and curd rice for lunch everyday - lucky gal
Your version looks mouthwatering. I usually make it like this with chilli powder and sambar powder... :)

Vanamala Hebbar said... [Reply]

Its simple & delicious suitable for curds rice na :)

Seema said... [Reply]

Wow! Thats yummy looking potato dish.. I love those with curd rice! A comfort food for me...

Trupti said... [Reply]

Nice name Uma.
Simple & very delicious recipe. Thanks for sharing this recipe

Annu said... [Reply]

Thats very colourful white and yello uma.Easy too,sure will try dear.

Mythreyee said... [Reply]

Ntohing can beat this wonderful dish. Color is perfect and tempting.

jayasree said... [Reply]

Loved the name you have given. Very tempting..

Sia said... [Reply]

i love the name and dish. thanks dear for ur entry :)

Daily Meals said... [Reply]

Looks yummy...Nice entry!

Rosie said... [Reply]

This sounds very delicious Uma, I would love to try this recipe out - yum :D

Rosie x

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