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Feb 28, 2008

Pumpkin Seeds Powder

Next time, when you get pumpkins (any kind, even the melons and Lemon Cucumbers) don’t throw the seeds away. You can make a yummy spicy powder with them. I used the Japanese pumpkin (Kabocha).

Picture Courtesy: zionmarket.com


  • ½ cup Pumpkin Seeds
  • ¼ cup Coriander Seeds
  • ¼ cup Bengal Gram (Chana Dal)
  • ¼ cup Black Gram (Urad Dal)
  • 6 dry Red Chilies (or according to individual taste)
  • ½ tsp Asafetida
  • Salt to taste


When you remove the seeds from the pumpkin, wash them well and let them dry in the sun or just in your kitchen on a plate for a day.

They would look like this when are well dried.

When the pumpkin seeds become dry roast them without oil and keep aside. Then add both the dals and the coriander seeds to the pan and dry roast them too till they become golden brown in color. Finally add the red chilies and fry for a while. Take them away from the flame and let them cool. The red chilies can be substituted with crushed red chili powder too.

When they cool, dry grind them into a fine powder by adding salt and asafetida. By the way, it’s ok if it is little coarse. The powder still tastes great. Serve with hot rice and ghee. Try it and you won’t regret it.


Cham said... [Reply]

Wow a great idea, good when we sprinkle in some of our veg curry :)

FH said... [Reply]

That looks so good Uma, vey nice. We do get ready Pumpkin seeds here in packets, easy to make this. You mix this rice or how do you use it? Hope you make something and post. Love the color of that powder!:)

Mythreyee said... [Reply]

That's just an amazing way of using the seeds. Great idea. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Dhivya said... [Reply]

Wow!innovative idea uma...keep rocking

Red Chillies said... [Reply]

This is very new and an innovative idea. I even have some ready made pumpkin seeds lying around. Maybe I will try this.

Rajesh &Shankari said... [Reply]

Wow..I would never have thought of this..BTW where in sacto r u? send me an email

Unknown said... [Reply]

Hi Uma a good way to use the seeds without wasting..
I have tagged you for a meme..Please check my blog..

Meera said... [Reply]

Wonderful way of using pumpkin seeds. My mom dries pumpkin seeds as you mentioned, we used to eat the inside of seeds. never knew of powder like this. thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe!

Unknown said... [Reply]

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving sweet comments.
We get pumpkin seeds here in super market.They are slightly green in colour.Never knew what to do with them.This is a good idea.

KonkaniBlogger said... [Reply]

Never knew abt this powder..I have the same comment as Meera's...We used to take off the peel after drying in sun and eat the inside of it..Was like a contest for us :)..

Purnima said... [Reply]

Uma, have eaten the inside of the peel once the seeds hv dried, no other use, thks for sharing the stepwise pics n ur innovative idea! The podi looks marvellous!(Do u think it will go along with dosas/idlis?)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hi Uma garu,
No need to peel the seeds? What a relief!:-D

Chinnappudu used to eat the inner part.
Now thokka volavadaniki baddhakinchi throwing in the dustbin.
Sometimes use to thicken the north indian gravies as only a small quantity is needed.:)
I will try your recipe with tarbuja seeds.Thank you very much.

sra said... [Reply]

Nice recipe, Uma, unusual, tho' I've seen it somewhere once earlier (not in the blogs).

Sagari said... [Reply]

wow uma thats a greatttt idea u use seeds yummmmmmmm

DEEPA said... [Reply]

wow!!this is so very new to me ..never thought of making powder out of these seeds...Thanks for sharing

Unknown said... [Reply]

such a nice idea uma...thanx for sharing:)

Lavanya Raj said... [Reply]

great post..which will be really usefull for budding cook's like me..

Kalai said... [Reply]

Wonderful idea, Uma!! Pumpkin seeds are so healthy and this is a great use for them!! :)

Sia said... [Reply]

unique and wonderful:)

Annu said... [Reply]

Hi uma,
Pumpkin Powder sounds good.
Enthina andhra vallu andhra valle nadi :-))

Vaishali said... [Reply]

Uma, thanks so much for this really brilliant recipe. I always feel awful throwing away the pumpkin seeds because I hate waste, and am so thrilled I have found a way I can finally use them- in a delicious dish!

Rosie said... [Reply]

I would never have thought of this Uma you are a treasure to share this with us! :D

Rosie x

Prema Sundar said... [Reply]

This is new to me too and its a nice idea to use it on top of veg curries.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Oh wow...what an innovative way to use the seeds.Great idea.

Dhivya said... [Reply]

Hi uma

Thanks for stopping by..and ans for ur doubt,,,Put the puttu mixture in the idli plates and steam as would for making idlis/put the puttu mixture in a small cups and place them over the idli plates.Good luck

Beyond Curries said... [Reply]

That's a great idea Uma. I really mean it. I also have some pumpkin seeds sitting on my kitchen counter, which I thought of preserving for sowing it in the spring. Now I have a better idea! Thanks for such an innovative recipe Uma.

Padhu Sankar said... [Reply]

Thanks Dear I was searching for this recipe. I will try this with the yellow pumpkin (parangikai) available in India.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

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