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May 5, 2010

Dondakaaya Pachadi (Ivy Gourd Chutney)

Dondakaaya/Tindora/Ivy Gourd/Gentlemen’s Toes/Kovai is a tropical vine grown for its small edible fruits. They may be eaten immature and green, or mature and deep red. The young shoots and leaves may also be eaten as greens. These are extensively used in Indian cooking.

I usually prepare a simple stir fry or stuffed curry or pachadi with these veggies. It’s a family favorite. Today I am posting a recipe for Dondakaaya Pachadi on a reader’s request. This is a very simple way to prepare pachadi and it equally tastes so delicious with rice.


  • Chopped Ivy Gourd – 1 cup
  • Green Chilies – 5 or 6 or as required
  • Tamarind – a small ball sized
  • Garlic Flakes – 2 or 3 (Optional) (I didn’t use these)
  • Cumin Seeds – ½ tsp
  • Oil – 2 tbsp
  • Salt as required


Soak tamarind in some water and keep aside.

Heat oil in a pan and add cumin seeds. After a minute add ivy gourd pieces + green chilies + garlic (if using) and sauté well until the ivy gourd appears slightly cooked. No need to cook ivy gourd until soft, half cooking is fine. Turn the flame off and transfer the contents to a plate to cool.

Meanwhile extract juice from the soaked tamarind and keep aside.

Later add all the contents to a blender jar and grind into a smooth paste by adding tamarind water little by little. Don’t add all the tamarind water at once as the pachadi might become too watery. Add enough tamarind water to grind the pachadi into a thick paste. Adjust salt.

Enjoy this yummy and mouth-watering chutney with steaming hot rice and a dollop of ghee. YUM!!


Simplyfood said... [Reply]

Interesting chutney .I have never made chutney with ivy gourd.Very innovative.

kitchen queen said... [Reply]

ivy gourd chutney is new to me, but looks delicious.

harini-jaya said... [Reply]

never made pacchadi with dondakaya :)

Priya Suresh said... [Reply]

Tangy pachadi looks irresistible..yumm!!

Hayley said... [Reply]

Never made tindora chutney...very innovative!!

Rachana said... [Reply]

A very interesting chutney! I have never had this chutney before...

Unknown said... [Reply]

Uma, I love dondakaya, but never ever knew we could pachhadi out of it. Delicious, will surely try it once :)

Raks said... [Reply]

Chutney sounds awesome! SHould be great with rice and ghee!

Shama Nagarajan said... [Reply]

yummy different chutney

Saritha said... [Reply]

Nice chuntey,even i do the same way

Hari Chandana P said... [Reply]

naku chala istam dondakaya pachadi.. ma amma chesthundi but nenu eppudu try cheyaledu.. sure ga chesthanu ippudu.. thanks for the recipe..

Hamaree Rasoi said... [Reply]

Never made this chutney, sounds good

Hamaree Rasoi

panchpakwan said... [Reply]

Hey Uma,

Looks delicious chutney.

Madhavi said... [Reply]

Delicious. This chutney is new for me, must try recipe!!

AJ said... [Reply]

Delicious looking chutney!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Another innovative recipe from your kitchen. Keep rocking
-Nature Lover

Cham said... [Reply]

Great chutney Uma, i never knew gentlemen toe name :)

Unknown said... [Reply]

Dondakaya pachadi noruooristundi Uma mmm mothwatering......

Sum Raj said... [Reply]

woo somthing different one...presentation looks superb..

Girl of Destiny said... [Reply]

Well aren't you a sweet one!! Thanks a lot, Uma for taking in my request :-)
I just can't wait to try this!!

Dolly Sharma said... [Reply]

This chutney is new to me..but its worth a try..It does look delish..I'll follow ur tip and eat this with rice and ghee..

Girl of Destiny said... [Reply]

I finally made it and loved it :-)

Uma said... [Reply]

@Girl of Destiny:

Thank you so much for trying the pachadi and I am glad you liked it :)

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