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Apr 18, 2008

Puffed Rice (Murmura) Upma

This upma is perfect for breakfast. I make this often. But these murmura or borgulu as we call them in Telugu should be consumed when still fresh as they lose crunchiness and smells bad with prolonged storage.

An Update:

Dear Bee of Jugalbandi has given a nice tip regarding the freshness of the murmuras. In her own words:

When murmura gets old and starts smelling funny, pop it in a 350F oven for a few minutes. it will smell and taste fresh again.

Thanks Bee for this wonderful tip. And regarding the difference between Poha (Beaten or Flattened Rice) and Murmura (Puffed Rice) please refer at the following links.

  • 2 cups Puffed Rice
  • 1 small Onion
  • 1 medium Tomato
  • 2 or 3 green chilies
  • ¼ tsp Turmeric
  • 1 tsp Lemon Juice (Optional)
  • Salt as required

For Seasoning:

  • ½ tsp Mustard Seeds
  • ¼ tsp Cumin Seeds
  • ½ tsp Bengal Gram (Chana dal)
  • ½ tsp Black Gram (Urad dal)
  • Some Curry Leaves
  • 1 tsp Oil


Wash puffed rice very well and soak in water for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, cut onion, tomato, green chilies into fine pieces.

In a pan, heat the oil and add the mustard seeds. When they splutter, add the cumin seeds along with the Bengal and Black grams and fry till the dals turn golden brown in color. Then add the curry leaves and fry well.

Then add the chopped onion, tomato and green chilies and fry very well until they appear cooked and soft. Keep the flame on medium setting.

Later, squeeze the water out of the soaked murmura and add it to the pan along with turmeric, lemon juice and salt. Mix well. Add some water if needed. Cover and leave it for some time.

After some time remove the lid and stir the upma well and check if the puffed rice is cooked. Switch off the flame once it is cooked and all the water is absorbed. Leave it for 5 minutes.

Serve hot with any chutney you like.

I am sending this over to Barbara's LiveStrong Day - A Taste of Yellow as my contribution for LiveSTRONG day.


Dhivya said... [Reply]

perfect yellow color!great entrylove the photo

Cham said... [Reply]

Great entry, looks like basmati rice, a new quick and easy dish for me Uma.

Kalai said... [Reply]

I thought that was cooked rice at first!! Wonderful dish, Uma. Quick and light. :)

Unknown said... [Reply]

nice entry Uma..love the colour..

kamala said... [Reply]

I love the color uma.Sounds easy

Madhavi said... [Reply]

Wonderful entry uma, great recipe love the color and pic as well!!!

Trupti said... [Reply]

hey Uma, I love this Upma. Next time add some grated ginger it will taste good.

ranji said... [Reply]

wow!!they look so yummy and delicious...nice color!!!great entry!!!

Finla said... [Reply]

Love the rice and beautiful colour

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hi Uma, even though I have come across this recipe sometime earlier also, I have not tried it so far. But your picture is really good and I want to try it. Just now I called my husband to add Poha to the list, he's going to the Indian store today.

Vanamala Hebbar said... [Reply]

different & very nice

bee said... [Reply]

very unusual. when murmura gets old and starts smelling funny, pop it in a 350F oven for a few minutes. it will smell and taste fresh again.

Meera said... [Reply]

I have a similar recipe but I never tried it before, thinking, if I soak the murmura, it will be all mush. Now I will follow your instructions, and do it. Wonderful post. It will help me a lot.

mitr_bayarea said... [Reply]


good one, is puffed rice the same as pori (in tamil) or poha?

Uma said... [Reply]

Dhivya, Divya Vikram, Kamala, Madhavi, Vanamala, Ranji: I am glad that you liked it. Thanks.

Cham, Kalai, Happy Cook: Yeah, you're right. It looks like regular rice but it's not. Thanks.

Trupti: Thanks for the idea. I'll add ginger next time.

Madhuram: I am glad that you liked my recipe. But this is not poha (flattened rice), it is murmurae (puffed rice).

Bee: Thanks for the wonderful tip. I never knew it.

Meera: Yes, it won't become mushy when we soak for a short period of time, but if we soak it for hours it would. Thanks for the nice comment.

Mitr_bayarea: Glad you liked it. Yes, it is same as Pori in Tamil. Thanks.

Richa said... [Reply]

i used to make this a lot, thanks for reminding, gotta' make it now ;)

SMN said... [Reply]

This is my fav...

Lavanya Raj said... [Reply]

i never knew this puffed rice upma.. will try this soon.. thanks for sharing this easy to do break fast.

Rosie said... [Reply]

Wonderful entry uma, and the yellow stands out like shining gold - beautiful :D

Rosie x

karuna said... [Reply]

thanks for checking it out. we just had puffed rice today, nice recipe

Unknown said... [Reply]

I always used to think murmura should not be soaked...this is a totally new recipe for me...gr8 entry Uma

Annu said... [Reply]

Hey Uma You know what today our breakfast if puffed rice Upma...same pinch:-).

Look good dear.

Sig said... [Reply]

That looks delicious Uma... Beautiful yellow color...

Unknown said... [Reply]

Uma a lovely yellow entry. I've not tried this puffed rice. I don't think it is available here. Thank you for supporting LiveSTRONG With A Taste OF YEllow.

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said... [Reply]

hi uma
thanks for passing by the blog . i love this entry, especially when your are doing for a cause.the colour is perfect.All the best ! btw: i am unable to open your three musketeers taking a shwer !

Beyond Curries said... [Reply]

I tried the upma just now Uma. It tasted so good. I also added peanuts, while doing the poppu and 2 teaspoons of curry powder too. This is such an easy and delicious recipe. Thanks for sharing with us.

arachesostufo said... [Reply]

good... but I prefer Italian kitchen

ciao da venezia

Lakshmiskitchen said... [Reply]

Hi Uma, nice recipe and your blog has very good Andhra recipes.

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